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GaSP! Globalisation and Spatial Practice

2014 – 2015

GaSP Dialogues

Urban Margins/ Urban Imaginations

This was a series of conversations exploring the nexus between knowledge production and future imagination as understood through an engagement with urban marginality in cities of the global south. Each conversation revolved around four key topics: learning through the urban margins; knowledge co-productions; urban imaginations/ future possibilities; implications for academic knowledge production.


29/04/2015 Colin McFarlane (Durham University), in dialogue with Alexandre Apsan Frediani (University College London)

13/05/2015 Viviana d’Auria (University of Leuven), in dialogue with Tatjana Schneider (UoS)

27/05/2015 Maurice Mitchell (London Metropolitan University), in dialogue with Teresa Hoskyns (UoS)

10/06/2015 Camillo Boano (University College London), in dialogue with Doina Petrescu (UoS)